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Furnishing a home is difficult for most people. In my experience, homeowners often spend years rearranging furniture — or purchasing new items one by one — in an effort to create the design they want. Few ever feel that their homes are finished or that they have achieved the look, feel, and function they were originally going for. 

If this sounds like your situation (or a situation you want to avoid entirely), that’s completely normal. The professionally designed homes you see in magazines and on Pinterest were designed differently. The secret to designer-worthy homes lies in the fact that we aren’t rearranging furniture or designing rooms one piece of furniture at a time. 

Instead, we start by creating a cohesive design plan. We balance the overall investment. We ensure that each piece is practical for everyday life and longevity. Then, we implement the plan. This creates a whole different result!

This week, I want to share that process with you in further detail. If you’re finally ready for your home to suit your lifestyle and make you feel good, inside and out, our full-service interior decorating service was made for you. Here’s how it works…

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Step 1: Discovery

Before we meet, we will send you a detailed questionnaire designed to help you share as much as possible about your goals. We’ll ask for inspirational images, photos of your home, and any architectural drawings you may already have. If you own any well-loved items you’d like to include thoughtfully in your home, this is a great time to tell us. 

After reviewing your answers, we’ll have a solid foundation leading into our initial meeting. Then, we’ll work together to determine your needs and wish list as we establish the design direction. Finally, we’ll review and measure your home and any items you’d like to keep and work with you to finalize your desired investment.

Step 2: Design

Once we have a firm understanding of your needs and desires, it’s time to create a gorgeous design. During this phase, we’ll source all required items and pull together drawings, visuals, and samples to provide a clear vision of how your space will look and feel when it’s finally complete.

Luckily, our discovery process is so thorough that it’s uncommon for a client to request many changes, but we’re always willing to fine-tune any revisions until you’re perfectly happy. Once everything is approved, it’s time for…

Step 3: Procurement

Let’s get those beautiful furnishings! Before we submit the purchase orders, we’ll prepare a detailed approval document and invoice that outlines a breakdown of each product. Once signed and paid for, we’ll begin to place orders. During this part of the process, no detail goes unseen.

We’ll take care of specific details like ensuring fabric comes from the appropriate dye lot, stain colours, cushion and pillow inserts, and any drawings required for custom furniture. Then, it’s time to place the orders. And it doesn’t stop here. We’ll keep things moving in a forward motion by checking in with suppliers and manufacturers and keeping a close eye on your items. Whew!

The best part? When working with a professional, you can rest assured that the quality of each item will withstand kids, pets, and messy partners (trust me, I know from personal experience).

Step 4: Installation

The big day is finally here! Once everything is ready, we’ll arrange for each item to be delivered to our receiver’s warehouse, where each item will be meticulously inspected.  Should there be a problem with a product we’ll reach out to the supplier and deal with it accordingly. Afterward, we’ll schedule an installation day where our team will deliver, install, and bring your new home design to completion all the way down to making the beds and hanging the art.

There is not much better than welcoming you home to a beautifully completed space!

We’d love to support you

Interior decorating takes planning, research, coordination, and a unique eye for style and function. In the end, you will find that it’s worth it to lean on the assistance of a professional. If you’re ready to fall in love with your home again, we’re here for you.

Book your complimentary call with us to share your goals, get to know each other, and discuss the next steps for moving forward with confidence.

We can’t wait to meet you!


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