You know that calm feeling you get when you’re signing in to your favourite spa for the afternoon?  Or the happiness you feel pulling up to that fab boutique hotel for a weekend getaway? 

It’s like you’ve escaped all the noise and decisions of the day and have nothing to worry about except reading a good book, sipping your glass of red, and spending time with the people you love.

I believe coming home should feel like that too.

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Growing up, I was sure I wanted to be a lawyer, so I signed up for every economics and law class I could. But instead of doing my homework, I would go home and spend hours drawing potential floor plans and elevations for my future law firm - Luckily, I caught on to what I was really meant to do and went to design school instead!

I started my interior design company to serve other professionals because I know what it's like to juggle a career you love with an active family. 

Our time at home is precious, and it's often where our best memories are made. But when you're constantly tripping over shoes, bumping into each other in the kitchen, or avoiding that outdated bathroom that you hate, home starts to feel less like your oasis and more like another project on your to-do list. 

I'm Staci. I help busy professionals like you design dream homes that make every day feel more beautiful, organized, comfortable, and special.

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The thing is, you're ready for your dream home. But you don't have time to spend your weekends picking out paint colours or stressing over which countertop sample goes best with which tile.  That's where my team and I come in!

Since 2010, we've designed countless homes that are both luxurious and practical for busy professionals and their families. We even restored my historic 1895 Burlington home, complete with stylish interior design details durable enough to withstand my active 3-year old and messy partner.  

Oh, and when we speak, be sure to ask me about the time my partner left a sharpie marker in his work bag, and my toddler found it, drew all over my sofa and area rug, and I didn't even break a sweat because I knew it would come clean due to the quality of products I had selected.  

Over the years, we've developed a highly detailed and professional process to ensure a fantastic result. You won't have to worry about a thing.  You should also know, even though we design homes with quality and luxurious details at the top of mind, working with us is anything but stuffy.  We're here to make this process fun for you. After all, we're working together to create your dream home; what could be more exciting?!

We'll get to know you, understand what you want, and handle every detail to help make your dream home come to life.  In other words: We get sh!t done, we get it done beautifully, and we get it done right. 

This is the most exciting part because you get to see the design come to life. We work with our trades and suppliers to take our design and make it a reality by overseeing all construction, orders, deliveries, and final installations. 

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We pull together a gorgeous design based on your wants and needs. At the end of this phase, we present everything to you, including 3D drawings and samples, to help you envision how your space will look and feel when it's complete. 

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We work with you to determine your needs and wish list. We establish the design direction based on your style and how you want to live. We also work with you to finalize your budget so that we can be on the same page from the start. 

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A bit about our interior design process...

Not sure where to start or which interior design service is right for you?  Let's chat!

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