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Full Service Interior Decorating

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If you...
• Have been rearranging furniture and purchasing items but haven’t created the space you’re imagining.
• Know this room — or rooms — in your home has potential, but you aren’t sure how to pull it together.
• Want a professional to help you with an interior decorating makeover, because you simply don’t have the time to get it done and are tired of living in your outdated space.
...this service was made for you!

This service is for the family who doesn't love the way their space looks, doesn't require a significant renovation, but wants to update the furniture and decor to better suit their life and style.


With Staci Edwards Interior Design's Interior Decorating Service, you can expect an elevated experience and...

Sourcing for all items required to complete your project. You won’t have to spend hours searching for finishes, fixtures, furniture, or decor. Bring us your wishlist, and we’ll curate the perfect collection of finishes and products for your home.
• In-studio presentation with samples. Get acquainted with the products that will make up your new dream home. Touch and see the materials that combine beauty and quality to withstand busy — and messy — family life.
• CAD Drawings. This way you’ll know exactly where everything will go, and that the scale of the items are correct before ordering begins. 
• A full approval package with all the details for your products, so that you can confirm dimensions and finishes before ordering begins.    
• Ordering and overseeing everything. From the initial concept to the final installation, we’re here for you and can handle all the details. Should any problems arise, we’ll find solutions and bring them to you for final approval, ensuring that every expectation you have for your home is exceeded.

You can expect an elevated Experience.

Interior Decorating

With Staci Edwards Interior Design's

complimentary cALL with Staci.

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"Our living room looks wonderful now — and that wouldn’t have happened without Staci Edwards Interior Design and her team!

I asked Staci to help pull together our living room with an overall interior design plan to help bring it all together. We needed an expert and Staci was the perfect person!

I’m still realizing how much Staci came to really understand my husband and I, and our design preferences. Thanks, Staci!" 

— Sarah Rumsey of Toronto

STaci was the perfect person

Sarah and her partner wanted to turn their small living room into a space that they both loved. They each had two different styles in mind, so we balanced the light, feminine colours and floral accents with masculine elements in the furniture and the touch of black throughout for a hit of contrast and “coolness."

Hillside Project

SEe The Experience in Action + View our

complimentary cALL with Staci.

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