Ways Your Home Can Support Your New Year’s Resolutions


As January begins, the excitement of new opportunities and endless possibilities is buzzing in the air. Can you feel it? The promise of a fresh start and a full year ahead. Resolutions are abundant, and if you’re anything like me, you’ve devoted time over the last few weeks to compile a list of goals you’d like to achieve over the upcoming year. 

Maybe you have plans to travel more frequently (fingers crossed), or maybe you’re hoping to focus on your physical or mental wellness. Or perhaps you’ve learned a thing or two over the last couple of years and have vowed to prioritize quality time with your family. 

As you dive into your New Year’s resolutions, don’t forget to keep in mind the most powerful tool you have at your disposal…the foundational backdrop where all of these goals will come to fruition. Yep, you guessed it – I’m talking about your home!

There is a way to create a functional and beautiful home that will support your goals and set you up for success from the start. Today I’m discussing some of the most common resolutions, along with practical solutions and ways your home can streamline your path to success. You don’t want to miss this…


Resolution: Focus on Healthy, Home-Cooked Meals

Are you fighting an unorganized pantry or struggling to find (or reach) the spices? Or perhaps you simply feel bored by your space and find yourself monotonously walking back and forth to the refrigerator to piece together uninspired family meals. There’s a better way. 

One of the best ways to achieve healthier eating this year is by first focusing on creating a practical kitchen that you love to spend time in. After all, it seems that we spend more time in the kitchen than anywhere else, am I right? That time should be well spent and enjoyable! Consider starting with organization and storage solutions to create a more welcoming, inspiring, and functional space. 

  • Clean your pantry and fridge while focusing on practical organization and storage solutions.
  • Rearrange your utensils to a more accessible place.
  • Organize your spices and decant them into glass jars with pretty labels.
  • Add something that excites you! Consider a new light fixture, updated cabinet hardware, or some fresh herbs in a pretty pot.

If you need a little more assistance in creating a welcoming, inspiring, and more functional space where you’ll love to gather and whip up delicious and healthy meals, reach out to us and book a complimentary call. We’d be delighted to help!

Resolution: Prioritize Personal Fitness

With a good book and a cozy couch enticing you to settle in, getting yourself pumped up for an at-home workout isn’t as easy as it seems. The best way to succeed in making fitness a priority is by creating a designated space for fitness in your home…away from that comfy couch. 😉

Even better, focus on creating a space you love, and you’ll be more inclined to use it. For example:

  • Paint the walls a fresh and energizing colour.
  • Add some inspirational art and a few lively plants.
  • Designate a cute basket for towels and a yoga mat.
  • Hang a new Samsung Frame TV on the wall for those virtual classes.

Take it a step further by setting your alarm to play a song that instantly gets you in the mood for a good workout as soon as you wake. I guarantee you’ll be breaking a sweat or perfecting your downward dog in no time. 

Resolution: More Quality Time with Your Kids

It’s true what they say…the days are long, but the years are short. While the kids are little, it’s essential to soak up all the extra time with them that we can! However, it can be challenging to focus on quality time when disarray around the home steals your daily attention. Instead of wasting time constantly hunting for things, consider a few updates to make your home more family-friendly and fun.

  • Declutter and organize old clothes, toys, and games.  Have a donation bin somewhere in your house, so you can easily toss things in and do a run to donate when the bin is full.
  • Create cubbies (or zones in your closet) by the door for each family member to eliminate clutter and frustration and keep their belongings organized.
  • Designate fun zones throughout your home for crafts, reading, or games.
  • Update your home to become a super cool hang-out spot for the neighbourhood kids.

By creating a home that everyone loves and feels welcome, you’re opening the door for endless memories and quality time with your favourite people. Yes, please.

Resolution: Create an Ec0-Friendly Lifestyle

Our earth is a beautiful place, and it deserves to be cared for and preserved. What better way to make an impact than to begin within our own homes? The best way is to consider the materials you’re using and focus on fewer, higher-quality items that will endure long-term. There are several more ways to be planet-friendly within our home, and here are a few to get you started…

  • Use reusable bags, water bottles, and un-paper towels.
  • Trade plastic wrap for beeswax wraps and Tupperware when storing leftovers.
  • Select refillable natural cleaning products in glass bottles.
  • Fill your kitchen (and your backyard) with fresh herbs.

By being conscientious and reducing our carbon footprint, we can preserve our beautiful earth and create a better future for our children. I’d say this is a lovely way to begin a new year, wouldn’t you agree?

We’d love to assist you…

Whether you’re hoping for a complete home renovation or just a simple consultation to create a more beautiful and functional home, we’d love to help. Having a home that you’re proud of will bring you daily inspiration and happiness and creating a home designed specifically to support your goals will bring success. 

Reach out to us here, and let’s discuss how we can work together to make your new year the best it can be!

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