The Top 6 Things Every Well-Designed Kitchen Needs


Kitchens have always been the heart of the home, but now they’re seriously working overtime due to us all being home during COVID. Here is my list of the top six things that every well-designed kitchen needs, especially now.

beatiful custom kitchen designed with hardwood floors, dark grey cabinets, white stone countertop and backsplash, and gold accents

Stylish Details

Let’s face it, we’re all spending way too much time at home these days, so it should be as enjoyable as possible. Think of spaces that you enjoy spending time in… High-end restaurants, luxury spas, boutique hotels, that new coffee shop downtown with a great vibe… Yep, all of these spaces are designed beautifully and layered with stylish details. Your kitchen should be the same. Think statement lighting, beautiful finishes, special hardware, warm wood, cool stone, and luxe textures. All can (and should) be practical for heavy usage and family-friendly.  

An Island

An island (or peninsula if your kitchen is small) probably one of the most multi-functional spaces in a home. It’s a great spot to prep larger meals, a place for the kids to do their homework or crafts, somewhere to take a zoom call because your husband has claimed the office for the day. It’s also a great spot to set out platters and flowers to impress your guests with your incredible and seemingly effortless hosting skills when we can entertain again.  

A Tech Zone

Is it just me, or does something always need charging? Having a charging station makes it easy. The kids always know where the charger is so that they can do it themselves, and you’re not looking all over the house for cords. By the way, why are moms the only ones who know where things are? It’s also a great spot to set up an Alexa or Google Home station so that you can easily ask them to add items to the grocery list, convert ounces to cups, or add something to your calendar.  

A Beverage & Snack Station

How do kids eat and drink so much? I mean, I feel like feeding my three-year-old is a full-time job. Having a mini-fridge stocked with juice boxes and tiny bottles of water and healthy-ish snacks low enough in the pantry to reach means he can help himself. He loves being independent, and I love it too. Also, consider setting up the beverage station for you too. It’s so convenient to have your coffee, mugs, and spoons (if you take anything in your coffee) all in the same area so that you’re not running back and forth from the pantry to the coffee maker to make your morning coffee.  

Functional & Thoughtful Storage 

This might be an obvious one, but it’s sometimes not thought out well when designing a kitchen. When designing a kitchen, I consider workflows and how the kitchen is used. Just like I mentioned above, having mugs and coffee next to the coffee maker is helpful, same with pots and plates next to the stove, glasses next to the fridge, and knives next to where food will be prepped. Also, take it a step further to consider if a cupboard or a drawer would better suit your needs and be sure to add pullouts inside your pantry so that things never get lost at the back. 

Softness, Warmth & Texture

Kitchens can often look too practical and not seem very warm and inviting. Incorporating upholstery and window treatments adds softness, using wooden accessories and baskets adds warmth, and adding plants or flowers adds texture. These elements layered together make a kitchen warm and inviting and, therefore, a much nicer place to spend time in.

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