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I know what it is like to want a beautiful home and a loving pet – That is my sweet pup Dasher in the photo. While he doesn’t shed (thank goodness for doodles!), he is a total magnet for dirt, sand, leaves, and twigs. He also loves to run and jump all over the place, contributing a lot of wear and tear to everything around the house.

It’s super exciting to bring a new pet home, and we’re inclined to prioritize these cuddly and adorable creatures without a second thought, but this shouldn’t mean sacrificing good interior design.

Luckily, with some thoughtful planning, it’s possible to live in a pet-friendly home that’s a stylish, beautiful, and practical space for all family members. Below, I’m sharing my pet-friendly interior design tips and exactly how I do it…

Aussie Doodle relaxing on bed with white bedding

Coordinate with your furniture and decor 

To curate your home’s aesthetic around a pet while staying true to your taste, I recommend you lean into one thing – Finishes and fabric colour that won’t draw attention. 

Integrate pet toys and beds that match your colour scheme so it seamlessly blends in with your overall aesthetic, and you’ll be happier with your home. 

Look at some of the great pet retailers with sleek and stylish designs to find something that works well in your home. If you haven’t visited The Foggy Dog, I highly recommend it. You can find pet beds and toys with great fabric that will coordinate seamlessly with your interior.  

Say yes to easy-to-clean textiles

Our furry companions can make messy housemates and can quickly turn our living spaces into an eyesore. Therefore, it’s imperative that you carefully consider textiles that take into account the mess your pets will unintentionally leave behind. 

The good news is there are many options for stylish and comfortable furniture made in stain-proof or performance-grade upholstery.  We often use Crypton and Nanotex fabrics when furnishing a client’s home, and I have these durable fabrics in my own home too. These fabrics ensure your upholstery looks great against all odds (and paws).   

Don’t rule out indoor/outdoor fabrics like Sunbrella. These upholstery fabrics are made to stand up to the harshest of elements, so they’re the perfect fit for creating a pet-friendly home too.

Rugs are another area to consider carefully when you’ve got pets. Wool is an excellent option because they’re easy to keep clean. There are also some great washable rugs on the market if you’re looking for a more cost-effective option for your home.

Organize your pet’s goodies

Pets typically come with oodles of extras that you’ll need to incorporate into your home. Pet beds, blankets, toys, food, leashes, medicine and treats can quickly take over your space if you are not thinking about organization.

Dash has his own drawer in our entryway where I store his leash, extra poop bags, treats and a towel. It’s convenient to have everything in one place as we head out for a walk, and when we come home, I can grab the towel quickly before he tracks his messy paws throughout the house. 

It’s probably no surprise that I like a clean and tidy home and don’t want things lying around. A pet drawer takes care of the essentials but keeps them out of sight so that my foyer remains welcoming. 

I also have a cabinet in my kitchen for Dash, which holds his food, treats and medicine. And a basket in our bathroom that holds his grooming supplies. Both have the same concept as the foyer drawer but with a different purpose, which helps keep my home well organized.

Another simple storage solution for pet-friendly homes is a beautiful basket for toys. This is one of the easiest solutions to implement because you can find great baskets literally everywhere. Dash knows exactly where to find his toys, and he loves being able to take them out on his own. He’s still young, and we have not been consistent, but we’re slowly working on him learning to put his toys back into the basket at the end of the day. Cross your fingers for me. 😉 

Final Words Of Advice

It’s often said that we don’t deserve our pets and their unconditional love, and it’s true. They’re pure love and bring so much happiness to our homes, but that doesn’t mean we need to sacrifice our interior style. Good planning means we can have it all!

If you’re looking for more ways to transition your home into a beautiful, intentional, and organized space that supports your family, reach out to me here. I’d love to walk you through the process of creating your happiest home.



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