How to Find the Right Contractor for Your Renovation


We’ve talked before about finding the right team for your renovation or new build, who to hire first, and for what scenario. Today I’ll delve more into how you find the right contractor for a home renovation.

In my experience, a renovation project can feel like a stressful undertaking that sometimes leaves homeowners feeling unsure and overwhelmed. Whether you’re tackling a specific area of your home or have big plans for a more extensive upgrade, having a qualified team by your side ensures the entire process goes off without a hitch.

As experts in home improvement projects, renovation contractors can head up the process, offer a tailored approach, and oversee day-to-day operations. The key is to find a reputable contractor that possesses the knowledge and skillset to meet your specific needs.

Let’s make your renovation a seamless and rewarding experience, shall we? Keep reading for my tips on how to find the right contractor for your renovation…

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Clearly define your renovation goals

The first step to setting yourself up for a successful renovation is to have a defined plan. Have clear goals and ideas of how you want to renovate your home, what services you require, and so on. Trust me, the last thing you want is to make changes halfway through the project or even stop dead in your tracks. Planning well in advance makes you feel safe and secure to take on the search for a trustworthy contractor. And here’s how we can help you get a plan in place that you’re thrilled with.

Ask for referrals from trusted sources

When searching for a seasoned renovation contractor, word of mouth can go a long way. Recommendations from a trusted relative, friend, or neighbour who has undertaken a similar project can help narrow down the list of potential candidates. The closer to home you look, the better chances you have of finding a well-recommended pro known to offer reliable and excellent service.  Of course, if you choose to work with an interior designer, they will have a great contractor or two that they can refer you to, depending on the scope of your project.

Search digital marketplaces for reviews

Sometimes, personal recommendations don’t quite cut it… so, where do you look next? Well, the digital marketplace that provides homeowners with a list of local contractors is your next best option. A few trusted sites, including Canadian Home Builders’ Association, Houzz, and HomeStars, are a trove of helpful reviews on professional contractors, the quality of services they deliver, and warning signs.

Research contractors’ credentials thoroughly

A referral from trusted sources gets the search started, but more due diligence is necessary before even contacting a potential contractor. Preliminary research, such as reading through the contractor’s website, will give insights into the services they offer, types of past projects, and reviews from previous clients.  If the contractor has before and after photos on their website, that is great. If not, be sure to ask to see some when you meet.  I have seen a few contractors use stock photography on their websites, which makes for a nice-looking website, but you want to be sure you’re seeing their actual work.

Meet and interview potential candidates

The next step I recommend is to narrow down the list to at least three contractors and set up meetings. An in-person meeting will give you an idea of personality traits and who you communicate best with. Remember, the candidate you choose will be on your property for hours at a time, with or without you, so you should like and trust them fully.

In addition, a contractor should be able to answer all of your questions and provide proof of licensing and credentials, as well as adequate insurance. The last thing you want is to take a chance on someone who does work outside their licensure and niche. Ask about availability and how they handle unforeseen challenges, delays, and day-to-day logistics.

Contractors should ask plenty of questions in return and gain a sense of familiarity with the space to be worked on. Make sure to define your renovation needs during a walk-through properly so that the quotes provided later are as accurate as possible.

Check references and review finished work

Every project is different, so I suggest taking time to review current and completed work firsthand, either in person (if that is an option) or via before and after photos or video. You can expect a contractor with consistent client satisfaction to bring peace of mind during your project. Lookout for work that showcases two things: a style that aligns with the type of service you need and impeccable quality of workmanship.

Seek well-defined quotes and take your pick

After plenty of discussions, each contractor should present a thorough “scope of work” proposal and a comprehensive quote. Make sure to pick the contractor that you’ll appreciate working with, provides good value, and put everything into writing before work begins. Don’t settle — take time to make sound decisions, and if you’re not comfortable with the contract terms, it’s a sign not to sign.

Do you have a renovation in your future? I’d love to help you! Reach out to us here to discuss your project and see if we’re the right fit.  Oh, and be sure to grab our helpful guide – 5 Things To Ask Yourself Before Hiring An Interior Designer.

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