My 5-Day Beautify Your Home Challenge


Imagine the peaceful feeling you experience when stepping inside your favourite wellness spa. Or the happy sensation of checking into a boutique hotel with a cool vibe for the weekend. It’s not just the experience itself but also the surroundings that inspire these good feelings. Soothing sights, tranquil sounds, and a fantastic ambiance create an enjoyable experience. Don’t you agree? 

What if I told you there’s a way to feel these delightful feelings within your own home? Believe me, I’m speaking from experience. I believe that what happens at home touches every other part of your world. I believe that a beautiful home can impact your day, well-being, and life, so I’m really excited for you to sign up for my 5-Day Beautify Your Home Challenge! While the changes you’ll make to your home over the next five days may be simple, I know they’ll be the start of something bigger and exciting for you!

Staci styling a bed with blue toss pillows next to gold metal nightstand with flowers

What To Expect

My Beautify Your Home Challenge is for you if you’re ready to make small changes with a significant impact. No, this challenge doesn’t involve power tools, a complete home overhaul, or thousand-dollar trips to the store. Instead, I created this challenge with ease, practicality, and your unique needs in mind.

What you can expect by signing up for the challenge:

  • One daily from me focused on one theme or area in your home
  • One task that you can achieve in 15-30 minutes each day for five days
  • Creative solutions and practical tips to help you with each task
  • Support and guidance for discovering your unique needs
  • Proof that just accomplishing simple daily tasks leads to a more joyful home!

The best part? Once implemented, these changes provide long-lasting results and good habits that will continue to make your life easier and happier at home! So, are you ready to beautify your home with me? It will be fun, I promise!

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I can’t wait to see you there!



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