How to Hire the Right Team for Your Renovation or New Build


In order to renovate spaces that support your lifestyle and achieve your deepest goals, you’ll need the right team by your side. But where do you start? And how do you know who you need to hire for your particular project?

Hiring a team may not be as straightforward as selecting a name from a quick Google search, but don’t worry. Today, I’m saving you hours of research by sharing everything you need to know about hiring the best people for your home renovation project. Let’s get started…

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Who does what? 

Architect: Architects design the physical structure of the home, especially the exterior, which is why you’ll need an architect if you are building a new home or adding an extension. If you are renovating an existing space, an architect likely won’t be needed, but you may need to have a structural engineer review the design once it’s complete.

Interior Designer: Interior design professionals are arguably the most important, and I’m not just saying that because it’s my job. Our work directly impacts how you live in the space each and every day. We design the flow of the home, create furniture, lighting and electrical plans, design built-in elements (like shelving, cabinets, etc.), select all of the materials and finishes for your home, and much more. Interior designers are involved in custom homes, additions and renovations.

Contractor or Builder: In general, a whole-home renovation, addition or new build, needs a contractor or builder. They are the ones responsible for physically constructing the home to match our design plans. However, if you’re just doing small updates, like a kitchen or bathroom refresh, you may not need a general contractor if you’re willing to manage trades yourself or hire an interior designer to do that for you.  

Who should you hire first?

Custom Home: If you’re building a new home, you will want to start your project with an architect AND an interior designer. Since you will need both roles, my suggestion would be to find a professional whose portfolio and approach you love and then ask them for an intro to the other. This saves you half the hassle of a blind internet search.

Important Note: Why do you need an interior designer so early when building a new home? Because the interiors are what create your daily living experience and they directly impact the structure of the home. You can’t imagine how many architect-planned homes I’ve seen where furniture placement was not thought-out and the homeowners cannot fit the furnishings or amenities they were hoping to.  

Full-Home Renovation: If you’re renovating the entire interior of your home, start with an interior designer. Designers take time to consider your unique needs, pain points, and how you’ll live in your space. This allows us to develop a cohesive and intentional design plan for your home before any construction begins. (Read more about our process here). Interior design professionals will also advise you on budgeting, bringing in other trusted professionals (and which ones), and keeping your project on track from start to finish.

Kitchens, Bathrooms, or Other Smaller Renovations: For these projects, hire an interior designer first. Depending on the scope of the project, you might not even need an architect or contractor. In many cases, you may only need specialty trades (like cabinet makers, plumbers, electricians, etc.) to execute the design plan. As design professionals, we create that plan, bring in professionals we trust, and manage the project through to completion.

When In Doubt: As you’ve seen, who you’ll need to hire depends entirely on your project type. So when in doubt, talk to an interior designer, even if it’s just a quick discovery call or hiring them for a consultation. We can assist you in assembling the rest of the team and point you in the wisest direction for your goals. Not quite sure if you’re ready to hire a designer? Download our complimentary guide: 5 Things to Ask Yourself Before Hiring an Interior Designer – It’s a great place to start. 

How can you find the right people?

To find the right person for your project, I recommend reading through websites and looking at portfolios to determine if their style and personality align with yours. Then, begin corresponding with each candidate to discover more about them and their process.

Remember, it’s essential to work with someone you connect with and trust. As you’re communicating with each candidate, take note of their responsiveness. Are they timely and respectful? Do they seem professional and capable of handling an important project like your home renovation? Ask as many questions as you need before making your final decision – It’s an important one!

Considering working with us?

Looking for your first team member? We’d love to be a candidate on your list  Reach out to us here and let’s get to know each other!  



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