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At the beginning of this year, I declared that 2022 would be my “year of fun.” Unfortunately, things did not go as I anticipated. Puppy training, months of sickness, and unfortunate long-lasting health issues brought the exact opposite. Such a bummer. Even though this year did not pan out as expected, it has still been wonderful in many ways!

Instead of focusing on the challenges, I am leaning into what has genuinely sparked joy throughout the year. From pursuing my personal passions to helping others do the same, I know one thing is for certain… I would not be where I am today without so many incredible people by my side.

I feel so grateful to have a supportive partner, an adorable son, amazing friends, a devoted team, and incredible people like YOU, who make my life much better. So, thank you for being a part of this online community and joining me on this journey. I hope you have received something meaningful from us this year.

Before we move forward in the New Year, let’s reflect on the highlights that made 2022 special for Staci Edwards Interior Design…

In my personal life, our family enjoyed many memorable moments together, as well. We journeyed on several lovely mini-staycations, I saw Justin Beiber in concert (SO good), and best of all, we helped my son, Spencer, throw his dream summer party (because he doesn’t love the timing of his November birthday). The memories we have created this year have made us so happy, and I know they will be etched in our hearts forever.

In the coming year, I’m committed to making experiences a priority — and there is no better place to begin than gift-giving. So today, I’m sharing my favourite experience only gift ideas for everyone on your list. Bonus? Your recipient will return feeling refreshed, recharged, and ready for whatever the New Year brings. You’ll want to bookmark this one…

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Gift Idea for Her: High-End Spa Service

Rejuvenating treatments, space to unwind, and a fully immersive and soothing atmosphere… who wouldn’t be thrilled with a pampering day at the spa? Take it a step further and include gift cards for a local coffee shop and your favourite dinner spot. That way, your recipient can enjoy a special day in the city. Whether it’s a gift for your partner, your best friend, your mom, or perhaps yourself, a trip to Stillwater Spa or The Ritz is my idea of refreshing.

Gift Idea for Him: Wine or Beer Subscription

Instead of opting for another meaningless item the men in your life don’t really need, give them something fun to look forward to with a hand-selected monthly wine or beer subscription. Bring it to the next level by booking a future tour to their favourite winery or brewery (hello, birthday gift). Educational, consumable, practical, and delicious…what could be better?

Gift Idea for Kids: “Yes Day!”

As a parent, I bet you often use the word “no.” Consider giving that word (and yourself) a break by surprising your little one with a Yes Day. In the popular children’s book, the boy asks for whatever he wants, and the parents have to say “yes” all day. So fun! Can you see why it’s one of Spencer’s favourite books? 😉

Tying in a Yes Day with some preplanned activities is a wonderful way to make lasting memories for the entire family. Perhaps it’s a trip to a fancy hotel with a day at the aquarium or museum. And, of course, saying “yes” to (almost) anything your kiddo would like in between. Will they consume too much sugar? Probably. Will you be exhausted by dinner? Absolutely. Will it be the best day ever? You know it.

Gift Idea for Anyone: Masterclass 

Chances are you have someone on your list who is tricky to shop for. Thankfully, Masterclass has you covered. With classes ranging from wellness to business and everything in between, there is something for literally anyone. Combined with a bottle of wine and some gourmet snacks, this is the perfect gift to turn a lazy night at home into an immersive learning experience. Plus, it might just inspire a new business venture or a fun hobby.

Planning for 2023

With a New Year on the horizon, I am hopeful and excited for what’s to come. We have exciting content planned for you and some fantastic new projects that we can’t wait to share. You won’t want to miss it, so why not give yourself the gift of joining our newsletter to stay up to date with all of the fun? I will see you there!

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