5 Ways to Grow Your Small Business


Even though growing an established business seems daunting at first glance, investing in yourself as an entrepreneur can provide significant value over time. When getting my business off the ground years ago, I quickly learned that strategy, dedication to creativity, and the patience to see it through were necessary to accelerate business growth.  

Having clients trust you with their time, resources, and dreams offers a base for a profitable, mature, and stable business. Of course, adopting this business model doesn’t guarantee immediate success. Putting yourself in a position to succeed takes intention, focus, and time. Eventually, you’ll reach milestones that will make you proud. 

Whether business is good and you’re looking for ways to improve it, or you recently hit a plateau and feel like things are a struggle, it’s possible to take things to an up level (or three). I’ve put this blog post together to share five ideas that, when implemented correctly, can help your company grow. Ready to dive in? Here are five ways to grow your small business… 

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Marketing strategy

The first step to growing your small business is consistently practicing marketing efforts. You can enhance the sophistication of your strategy over time – what’s crucial is focusing your dedication to posting regularly. 

A regularly updated social media platform is one of the best tools to establish an engaged audience around your brand. In doing so, you can tell a story through imagery and video. Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube are just a few of the best platforms that have opened countless new marketing avenues for small businesses. 

Stay Connected  

While a refined online marketing strategy has huge potential for small business owners to be seen and heard, nothing beats a personal touch. Try to stay in touch with prospects and existing customers by creating an email list and template to send out helpful and inspiring information.

Also, reach out to people who could be a strong business referral partner. Make it a point to invite them out for coffee and gain an understanding of what their needs are to offer unique insights. Staying connected through shared experiences is a great way to strengthen bonds with people you’d like to work with.

Genuinely showing interest and sharing inspiration is a brilliant way to stay “top of mind” with potential clients and referral partners. 

Blog Frequently 

Years ago, I learned about the significance Google places on relevant SEO content. It makes perfect sense. What does a search engine think if you haven’t updated your digital property since its launch two years back? Quite simple: you haven’t grown or evolved in two years and aren’t a trusted resource.

Increased visibility, traffic, and leads are essential for any entrepreneur looking to grow. Surely that doesn’t mean publishing junk, but it does mean that failing to establish a consistent blog posting schedule simply won’t cut it. 

Hopping on the SEO train generates more organic traffic and, in turn, builds credibility and trust. It’s a cost-effective tactic that defines your business, creates a better user experience, and provides sustainable value. Google like to see fresh new content, and so do potential clients, so I’d say that’s a win-win!  

Talk To People 

You’ve gone as far as building a website and developing an online strategy, but just because you have a presence online doesn’t mean you shouldn’t let the world know about your awesome company through various other ways. In-person networking or casual conversations can unexpectedly lead you to your next client. 

People will be excited to listen if you’re confident and excited about your business. Share unique insights that many can appreciate and draw from. Who knows? You might meet your next client in a Whole Foods line – I’ve done it before, so I’m sure you can too!

Get referrals 

Referral marketing is never a bad approach for anyone looking to grow their client base. And often, your most loyal customers can be a solid asset for your business. Since they’re already your target market, it is generally seen that the people they interact with are more likely to fall within the same category. 

But for this to work, it starts with providing top-notch customer experience and earning trust and loyalty. Once someone has connected with your brand, its values, and you, it lays the foundation for a business referral. This typically happens spontaneously, in conversation, or via social media – I’ve never had to ask a client for a referral; they just happen. 

Get Support 

Growing a small business means making intentional decisions time after time, and keeping these simple yet effective ideas top of mind will help you do just that. 

If you’re in the early stages of starting your creative business or ready to take back control, I’d love to support you. Check out my Mentorship Program or book a complimentary discovery call to see if it’s the right next step for you.



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