What It’s Like to Work with an Interior Design Professional


So often, potential clients reach out, and many are unsure what working with an interior designer entails. So today, I figured I’d walk you through some things to consider and how we work.

The place you call home should truly reflect your unique taste and personality and accommodate how you live your day-to-day life. While many may find hiring an interior designer intimidating – crafting a well-designed space that’s thoughtfully planned and beautifully curated is best achieved with the direction and eye of a professional.

Interior design is a collaborative process, so if you think you’re ready to take the plunge and hire a professional but are unfamiliar with the process, I’m here to help so that you can feel more confident moving forward. Here we go!

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We’ll have a chat 

Before I take on a new client, I like to have a discovery call. Of course, every company has its own approaches and processes, but often a structured phone chat is necessary. The discovery call aims to learn more about you and your project’s scope- while you learn more about the interior design professional’s expertise, how they work, and if they’re a good fit for your project. 

Exploring a fit is essential for successful collaboration because the reality is, offering my services means we’ll be seeing more of each other for a few months at least (sometimes years!). Therefore, I always aim to ensure clients are comfortable sharing their likes, dislikes, priorities, and what they wish for their home transformation. 

So basically, our chat will be a launching pad to establish the design direction based on your unique needs, discover your investment level, and explore what the next step is to ensure that everyone is on the same page from the get-go.

We’ll sign and meet 

If it feels like a mutual fit, we’ll send you a proposal to outline more about how we work and our fee structure. Once you approve that, we’ll send along an agreement and invoice for you to sign and pay so we can get started. Then, after you fill out a questionnaire and send us some inspiration images, our first meeting will be at your home so that we can see your space.  

A visit to our client’s home lets us learn more about your vision firsthand as we review the questionnaire and inspiration images you sent us. We also look into the nitty-gritty considerations you might have missed and provide some initial thoughts on the potential of your space. A realistic project goal should be set for a successful process, and an honest conversation about timelines, budgets, and deliverables should be had to avoid any confusion. 

We’ll conceptualize a design 

Once our meeting is complete and we have a good idea of what you want your home to look and feel like, then the fun part begins! My interior design team and I will be hard at work putting together creative ideas to fulfill your vision. These are then presented to you through visual mood boards, samples, design plans, and 3D renderings. This presentation allows you to envision how your space will look and feel, and if there is anything we’ve presented that you don’t love, please know that we’ll change it. Once your design is approved, we’ll move on to the next exciting step in our process… 

We’ll bring the design to life

This phase marks the realization of a concept into a real-life living space, and a few big things begin to happen. First, we complete a very detailed drawing and specification package so that your contractor and trades can implement the design as we have intended. We’ll liaise with the right craftsmen and suppliers and ensure all works carried out on-site meet the project’s design intent. We’ll also oversee all the manufacturing and order details for your furniture and decor items while your home is under construction. Our team will handle it all in a turn-key fashion: drawings, specifications, purchases, and coordinating all deliveries and installations. 

You’ll get your dream home

Ultimately, the goal of an interior designer is to enhance a space through a functional and aesthetically pleasing design. A well-crafted home should feel complete and pulled together so that you can truly enjoy every moment spent in it. 

And this brings us to the final step. We’ll reveal your dream home to you, walk you through the space, and share all the stunning details we’re sure you’ll fall in love with. And you’ll continue to enjoy your dream home for many years to come. Your days will run smoother, and you’ll smile when you walk into your new kitchen, be proud to host friends and family and create wonderful memories with the most lovely background for photos.  

Exciting, right?  

Ready to get started?

Most homeowners know what they love, but if you don’t have the eye to make a room sing, the entire design scheme kind of flops. Working with an interior design professional can and will transform your home from blah to breathtaking with a design that is tailored to you. 

At Staci Edward Interior Design, our mission is to provide an elevated experience to create a home that expresses your taste and personality. So book a complimentary call today, and let’s discuss your needs, budget, and which of our interior design services is the best fit for your project.

Chat soon!



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