Refreshing Your Home for The New Year


As we trade twinkling lights and holiday excitement for the new year, it’s difficult to resist the idea of a fresh beginning! Although I love setting 90-day goals throughout the year, there is something special about the promise of January. To me, it’s the perfect time to curate a list of things I’d like to accomplish within the next 12 months.

My goals for 2023 include continuing my practices of daily exercise in the morning before work, meditation at least three times per week, and an active effort to slow down. I am naturally a “doer” and can get easily swept away if I add too much to my plate. (More isn’t always better.)

Whatever goals you have planned for this year — personal or professional — your home can play a valuable role in supporting you on this journey.

Our surroundings have a powerful effect on our mood and routines. Creating a functional, organized, and beautifully designed space that you love will help those other goals fall into place. Today, I am sharing a practical, organized, and fun way to beautify your home in 5 days. Are you ready?

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Join the Challenge

You may remember my 5-Day Beautify Your Home Challenge from the Spring, but chances are, the wheels have fallen off the track a bit over the holidays. (You’re not alone.) Clutter begins to accumulate, old methods of organization sneak back in, and your home may feel uninspiring at the end of the holiday season.

The good news? Breathing life back into your space will only require a few minor changes. No, this challenge doesn’t involve a complete home overhaul or an unrealistic spending spree. Instead, it’s effortless and practical, and places your unique needs at its core. 

Here’s what you can expect:

  • One short and sweet daily email that focuses on one theme or area in your home
  • One realistic task that you can achieve within 15-30 minutes each day
  • Creative solutions and practical tips to help you complete each task
  • Support and guidance for discovering your personalized needs
  • The confidence and gratification of accomplishing simple daily tasks for a more joyful home

Once implemented, these small changes will create a significant positive impact by supporting good habits and giving you the clear and happy space you need to start the New Year off on the best foot. Oh, and it’s a lot of fun! I can’t wait to see you there.

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