How to Introduce Colour into Your Home Tastefully


Bringing colour into your home’s design is one of those things that can be realllllly hard to get right without training and experience. I’ve found that our clients have either attempted colour before and “failed” or are so wary of making a mistake that they steer clear of colour entirely.

The result? Boring neutrals mixed with light grey walls and grey furniture. (You, too??)

I know it’s hard not to love the “safe” choice, but done well, colour can look personal, timeless, and fill you with those I-can’t-believe-this-is-my-home vibes. Trust me; I’ve seen it time and time again. In fact, my own kitchen is blue, and I still LOVE it years later.

This week, I’m sharing my secrets for interior designer-approved ways to integrate colour into your home tastefully. While I always suggest working with a professional (even if it’s just a one-time consultation), these will give you a great start to opening your mind and home to all that colour offers.

beautiful custom designed bathroom with blue vanity and gold fixtures

Step 1. Give Yourself Permission to Get Personal

I feel strongly that people should live with what they genuinely love. Of course, there are “rules” and ways to do things correctly, but in the grand scheme, it doesn’t matter what colour is trending. If you take the time to confidently choose what you’re drawn to, the final results will be personal, unique, and something that makes you happy.

For example, I recently designed a burgundy office for a client, and while I would never personally choose that colour, she was in LOVE with how it turned out. We selected a shade that was authentic to her, and it suited her style perfectly. The result? A home that is a true reflection of her own personal style. That is a trend worth following.

Step 2. Gather Your Colour Inspiration

Now that you’re prepared to follow your heart (or should I say eyes?), you’re ready to gather inspiration. Pinterest is great for exploring your style, though you can also use magazines or other sources that catch your eye. Then, look for themes. If your Pinterest board is full of moody earth tones, it’s a good indicator that you could be happy with those hues too, like deep green cabinets or warm leather furniture.

Another easy way to discover what you love? Take a look through your closet! The outfit that makes you feel the most confident can be a great indicator of a colour palette that you’ll love. On the other hand, if your closet is a sea of black and white, there’s a good chance that keeping your home neutral would keep you happiest in the long run.

Step 3. Plan Your Space with an Eye on Undertones

The next step is to plan out your space. This is usually the step most people skip, choosing instead to add one item at a time. It’s your choice, but between you and me, planning the room in advance is what ensures it will look cohesive from top to bottom. 

While you’re making your selections or trying to decide which new wall colour will work with your existing sofa, keep undertones in mind. Undertones are a secondary colour “under” the main colour. Undertones are difficult to see without experience, but if you compare two blue paint swatches, you can usually see which has more yellow or more red in it. The goal is to make sure all of the undertones in your space MATCH. Yes, even between flooring, lighting, fireplace stone, and your walls. (Yes, this is why it’s so difficult!)

Step 4. Test Your Colour Selections in the Space First

It’s always nice to have a visual before committing to an investment. To test paint colours, you can paint a section of the wall the colour you want to test. However, you’ll want it to have a true white background (either white paint or white poster board); otherwise, the wall’s original colour will change how you perceive the new one, and you won’t get an accurate reading. 

To test fabric or furniture colours, find a colourful scarf or jacket (maybe from your closet) in the same hue, and toss the item over a sofa or chair to see if you like it! Easy. Once you feel confident about your selections, you’re ready to implement them!

Step 5. Pick One of These Risk-Free Routes Instead

If you’re feeling unsure about your selections, there are two ways to eliminate the risk. The first is to start small and creatively layer in some colourful accessories first. Consider new toss pillows, vibrant art, or a stand-out accent chair — and watch as your neutral room comes to life. Or, just pick an item that makes you gush, and you’ll be good to go. 

If accessories won’t create the big transformation you’re looking for, turning to an expert is the next best thing. Whether you want help designing a whole room or a consultation to point you in the right direction, working with us is risk-free because we know what we’re doing! It’s literally our job. 😉

You can reach out to us to book a complimentary call here. I can’t wait to discuss how we can support you in the process of creating a beautiful and authentic home designed specifically for you. 

Talk soon!


P.S. Looking to start off small and have some fun? Be sure to join me for my 5-Day Beautify Your Home Challenge!

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