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If you’re like me, you’ve recently spent some time organizing areas of your home in the hopes of a successful, ordered new year. Decluttering cabinets. Simplifying closet spaces. Giving those straggling shoes an official home to spare yourself the daily tripping hazards once and for all. But what happens when, just a month or two into the year, your organization begins to fall apart? I’ve been there. 

The truth is, there are sooo many benefits to maintaining an organized and tidy home. From reducing stress and anxiety to freeing up precious time and energy, from promoting a peaceful, daily atmosphere to helping goals become attainable. But here’s the tricky part — how do we make it last?

Today, I want to share my thoughtful 4-step approach to home organization that feels manageable and produces long-lasting results. If you’re ready to whip your house into shape and reap the benefits, let’s get started…


Step 1: Decide & Purge

The first step is usually the most difficult. Purging items in your home can bring up emotions of guilt and sentiment, but it’s important to be clear-minded in your approach to parting with belongings. The best way to keep the guilt at bay is to establish your values first before you step into your storage room or open that closet door. Ask yourself what’s more important to you – Living in a home that brings you joy? Having space to think and feel inspired? Or making sure you don’t hurt anyone’s feelings? Decide, then start.

Begin with one room at a time and use your values to make clear and confident decisions when deciding what will stay and what will go. That ancient crockpot you got from your Aunt one Christmas? (The one that has been collecting dust in your kitchen cabinet for years.) Release the guilt and let it go. 

My rule of thumb? If you haven’t used an item in a year or two, you probably don’t need it. Keep only what you truly find beautiful or useful in your home, or as Marie Kondo says, the things that “spark joy”.

Step 2: Sort & Think

Now that you’ve completed the challenging task of purging your items, it’s time for sorting. First, separate your to-go items into 2 piles: donate or trash. Anything broken should be deemed trash (or recycled), while something in working condition can be donated. 

Then, when sorting items you’re keeping, begin to think about how you can group similar objects together and where would be a practical place to store them. For example, folded linens, special plates for hosting, platters, and additional silverware for when you host can be grouped together and kept near the kitchen area. (Read here for a great storage idea.)

Step 3: Plan & Organize

You’ve purged and sorted. Now, it’s time to design and implement a personalized and functional organization plan. During this step, it’s essential to be thoughtful and build your organization into the design of your home itself, rather than solely adding bins and containers. 

Consider your family’s routine and how you use your home. Do your children struggle to find their winter accessories before heading out the door? Place hats, gloves, and scarves in a bin or drawer near the entryway. Are extra linens for guests located on the opposite side of the house? Add a dresser or closet organization system to have them right at hand in your guest room. 

Integrating organization into your interior design will make maintaining an organized home far more achievable. Then, when you do bring in containers or bins, be sure to measure your items to determine what size you’ll really need—waste not!

Step 4: Label & Beautify

The final step is one of my favourites! Organizational plans are in place, and it’s finally time to fill your cute storage bins and beautiful baskets and put things in their designated areas. Take it a step further and label each basket. While you might not think you need to label, believe me, this step takes the guesswork away for those messy kids and husbands who sometimes struggle to put things back where they belong. 😉

Pro Tip: You’re almost to the finish line, so make it fun! Turn on some upbeat music or a fave new podcast while you put everything in its proper place. Once everything is put away, step back and enjoy the luxury of calmer mornings, manageable tidiness, and smooth living. After all, an organized home is a beautiful home, don’t you agree?

Final words of advice

With the demands of daily life, organization projects can often lag behind other seemingly pressing priorities. But the truth is, clearing the clutter doesn’t take as long as you may think. Not convinced? Try timing yourself when clearing out a cupboard or your refrigerator. You may be surprised at how much you can achieve in just 10 or 20 minutes!

If you’re looking for more ideas for transforming your home into a beautiful, functional, and organized space that works for you (not against you), reach out to me here. It would be my honour to walk you through the process and support you on your journey to creating your happiest home.

Chat soon!


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