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Here at Staci Edwards Interior Design, we always work to make our clients’ homes beautiful and practical. We love creating spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but that also function well. We help our clients in many different ways, from one-time consultations to large projects that can last years.  

Today, I’m delighted to be taking you through some of our current interior design and interior decorating projects. Each project is unique, but again, the result of creating a beautiful and practical home is always our end goal. So, without further ado, let’s dive into a detailed sneak peek at some of our current projects.

Interior Design and Decorating Project in Rosedale

interior design project in Rosedale showing kitchen with white cabinets and wood island

We’re putting the final touches on a stunning project in beautiful Rosedale. I mentioned this project last year in our “sneak peek” blog post as well, and yep, we’re still working on it (good things take time). If you read our previous “sneak peek” blog post, you may remember that we designed this client’s country and city homes. To keep them both aligned with the client’s style but still have them feel different, we designed the country home to have a lighter and brighter feel and the city home to feel a little darker and more refined. The renovation is complete, we’re delivering the furniture and working on final decor items such as window treatments and styling. This project is stunning, so be sure to stay tuned for photographs coming soon to our Instagram page and website. 

Interior Decorating Project in South East Oakville

exterior of home in south east oakville showing front door with christmas planters beside

Our clients, a family of four with two young boys, are embarking on a new chapter by moving from Toronto to their beautiful new home in picturesque South East Oakville. Their house was built relatively recently, so while there is no need for a renovation, they do want to start fresh, so they have hired us to source all new furniture and decor for their entire home. Seeking sophistication, warmth, and family-friendly functionality, they’ve entrusted us with the task of curating a space that feels like home, and we’re so thrilled to be a part of their journey. We cannot show a progress picture because we’re presenting next week and don’t want to ruin the surprise.  Stay tuned for more.

An Addition in Burlington

mood board of principal bedroom design showing rig, bed, dresser, nightstands, lamp and artwork

Nestled amidst the tranquil countryside of Burlington, our clients are adding a significant addition to expand and enhance their beloved bungalow to help accommodate their sweet, elderly mother. They’re adding a primary suite for themselves on the main floor that includes a large bedroom with a seating area and fireplace, a spa-like ensuite bathroom, a walk-in closet, laundry, and a small kitchenette, which will be perfect for a fresh cup of coffee in the morning. They’re adding a large gym, sauna, steam room, and storage in the basement. The architect has designed the extension, and we’re completing this project’s interior design and decorating phase. These clients want their primary suite to feel warm and cozy, so we’ve included rich textures, warm colours, and lush layers. They wanted things to feel cooler in the basement, so we’ve kept things a bit more modern and sleek.  

Whole Home Renovation in Waterdown

kitchen interior design rendering showing blue kitchen cabinets and white countertops and black accents

In the heart of Waterdown, our clients, a family of four with two teenagers, decided they needed to breathe new life into their beloved home of over 15 years. Tired of the dated look that no longer reflected their personalities, they entrusted us with designing a complete transformation. Our mission? To infuse the space with brightness, warmth, and a playful sense of fun as per our client’s request. Embracing light walls, warm wood toned floors, and colourful cabinetry, we’re crafting a home that radiates joy at every turn.

Interior Design and Decorating Project in Freelton

kitchen interior design showing white kitchen cabinetry and decorative range hood and gold hardware

Last but certainly not least, I mentioned this project last year in our “sneak peek” blog post, and I’ve brought it back into this blog post because we’re still working on it, and it’s stunning. The renovation is complete, and after taking a short break, our clients, a family of six and their sweet dog Rudy, are ready for the interior decorating phase of their project. We’ve already sourced everything and are placing orders for all the furniture and decor to finish their beautiful home. These clients loved our signature interior design style and wanted their home to feel bright and relaxing, so we added neutral and timeless furnishings to create a luxurious yet calm feeling within their home. 

We’d Love To Help You

We hope this detailed sneak peek into our current interior design projects has left you feeling inspired and excited about the possibilities for your own space. Whether you’re dreaming of a whole home renovation, new furniture and decor, or even a one-time consultation, our team is here to help you. Contact us to book your complimentary call, and let’s discuss how we can make your house a home that you love! 

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