3 Steps to Get Your Home Back-to-School Organized


Ready or not…back-to-school season has officially arrived! If you’re anything like our family, you’ve been making the most of summertime by indulging in travel, lunchtime picnics, and evenings roasting marshmallows. But now, it’s time to welcome routine back into our lives and homes.

Finding the balance between soaking up those precious last few weeks with our littles and creating space to prepare them for a new school year can be tricky. Whether cleaning out closets or shopping for new supplies, these preparations are essential for success.

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Today I’m sharing my practical 3-step approach that will streamline your mornings while keeping your home and family organized and happy. Let’s get started…

Interior Designer Staci Edwards kneeling down with son as he colours at his easel in their dining room

Step 1. Remove Clutter

We already know that with clutter comes chaos. And I’ve never met a person who longs for frazzled mornings rushing their kids out the door while still searching for that missing shoe. Instead, we crave those peaceful, calm, and easy mornings where everything is in its designated place. The best way to get there? Begin by clearing the clutter.

The start of a new school year is a great opportunity to sift through items and remove anything that is no longer working. Has your little one grown leaps and bounds since last season? Spend a morning going through their closet and donate anything that no longer fits. Then, move on to other areas of the home: discard broken water bottles, old lunch containers, expired sunscreen, and any items that are no longer age-relevant.

Another tip? Tackle one space at a time, and keep it simple. If you’d like more guidance in this area, consider completing my practical 5-day challenge!

Step 2. Take Inventory

After discarding items, it becomes easier to notice what your child needs. Spencer is growing like a weed, so purchasing all new clothes is in order. And let me tell you, he has strong opinions when it comes to fashion! Before heading to the stores (or online), creating a detailed list is best. I like to separate everything into sections and spend a chunk of time in each area. That way, no detail gets left behind. For example…

  • Clothing: How many tee shirts? How many pants? Does he need a new jacket? Hats? Shoes/Boots?
  • Supplies: What is on his list for school? Pencils? Crayons? Does he need a backpack? Water bottle? Sunscreen? 
  • Educational Materials: Fun letter/number tracing workbooks? New and engaging reading materials?  

Knowing exactly what you need before shopping saves time, money (on impulse purchases), and the hassle of making several trips. Win, win!

Step 3. Create a Plan

Once the clutter is cleared and replaced with fresh, new items, it’s time to make a plan. Take a moment to discover your needs, and create a routine that works for your unique family. If you have to pack lunches each morning (I’m so sorry for you – I’m lucky I don’t have to do that), spend some time on Pinterest gathering ideas before grocery shopping. Do your kids struggle to choose their outfits? Set them out the night before. 

One thing that has worked really well for Spencer is setting up a “getting ready chart” – It has pictures of everything he needs to do to get ready in the morning so that he can do it on his own.  He actually loves that he’s in charge of himself, and I love that I don’t have to remind him of what to do next – Win, win!

Other ideas include designating a space for backpacks and shoes, preparing any special breakfast staples the night before, and labelling any items you’ll send off to school so that they’re sure to find their way back. Oh, and don’t forget to show the kids and Dad where everything is so that they can be self-sufficient each morning!

Final Words of Advice

Being rushed is never fun, so I suggest preparing ahead of time so you can pace yourself and work out any kinks. The final result will be worth it: a fully functional home and effortless school mornings, all while keeping your sanity intact.

If you’re looking for more ways to transition your home into a beautiful, intentional, and organized space that supports your family, reach out to me here. It would bring me joy to walk you through the process of creating your happiest home.

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