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Decorating your home is an investment, especially when you want to get it done right.  That being said, I feel it’s important to mix high and low options in order to balance the budget.  Today I’m sharing my interior decorating tips on where to save, where to spend, and spots you can do both depending on your needs while decorating your home.

antique table decorated with home decor accessories and a sofa with blue velvet pillows


It’s important to invest in quality upholstery, as it gets the wear and tear of being sat on every day.  During our interior decorating projects we source amazing spill-proof fabrics (you can see in them in action on a television segment I did by clicking HERE), which is an investment upfront, but very worth it, as the upholstery will last you so much longer than regular upholstered pieces.


Antique pieces are fantastic items to add to a room, so if you find a really neat piece that you absolutely love, then be sure to splurge on it if required.  It’s unique pieces like the table in the above photo that really never go out of style, so spend if needed because it will become a statement piece that you’ll be able to keep forever.


Bedding is a great place to save, as you can get a nice high-end look by using simple combinations.  Life is busy, and if you’re like the majority of our clients you probably have kids and pets, so bedding can get ruined quickly.  If you don’t have kids or pets, regularly washing your bedding will cause it to wear as well.  We suggest saving on the main bedding and then investing in a few nice accent pieces, like a custom bed scarf and coordinating toss pillows, that you can keep looking nice by using them only for dressing the bed.


Towels are another great spot to save.  Department stores offer a large selection of towels and often have sales, so take advantage when they do.  Opt for thicker, more plush feeling towels, and layer them to give you a beautiful hotel or spa-inspired look.  Another little trick we have is that you can take your inexpensive towels to have them embroidered, which will really give them a luxe custom look for less.

Photos + Artwork

Photos and artwork is an area that you can both save and spend on.  Perhaps you have some old family photos that you can gather and put into nice cost-effective frames. You can also invest in an amazing painting that you’ve fallen in love with at a local gallery.  Mixing and matching your artwork and photos is a great way to not only maintain a budget, but it also gives a nice layered look.


It’s possible to save and spend on quality furniture pieces.  Perhaps you’ve inherited an old table, which would be a “save” in this case, and then you pair it with some new custom dining chairs, which would be the “spend”.  There are lots of creative ways to make older pieces work in more contemporary spaces, and mixing the old and new is key for a more curated look.

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