Tips & Gifts for Prioritizing Yourself this Holiday Season


After nearly two years of endless working from home and no weekend plans but to binge the latest Netflix hit, it seems the world has finally started to spin again. However, this welcomed return to normalcy also brings the return of… you guessed it… our over-scheduled and busy lifestyles. 

Whether it’s work, running your own business, or taking care of endless tasks in the home, it’s safe to say we are busy! Add in the holidays, and we have the perfect recipe for being stretched way too thin… but do we have to be? The answer: self-care.

Self-care is what gives me the creative energy to serve my clients well and be my best for my friends and family all year long. Of course, carving out time for self-care is much easier said than done, right? But what if, instead of fighting to find the time for ourselves, we planned our homes around relaxation, making it effortless to recharge? Oh, yes we can.

Today, I’m sharing 3 tips for prioritizing relaxation in your home, along with my favourite products for self-care (yes, I’m suggesting you treat yourself). After reading, you’ll be well equipped to transform your space into feeling like a weekend getaway where you can escape the noise and endless decisions, read a good book, sip your favourite glass of red, and spend time with the people you love. You won’t want to miss this…

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Set the Ambiance

Imagine a dimly lit room for quiet, early mornings with a cup of coffee, or picture soft light and late evenings cozying up with your favourite book. These experiences wouldn’t be nearly the same with bright overhead lighting, now would they? As I’ve shared before, lighting has the unique ability to set the mood for an entire space, especially dimmers. I recommend installing dimmers throughout your home to let you easily set the mood in any space. Simply turn down the lights, and notice how your body immediately relaxes.

Clear the Clutter

It’s no secret that clutter causes overwhelm, and that feeling is exactly what we’re trying to avoid, right? Right. Having clear organization is the key to keeping clutter to a minimum. If you need to, Marie Kondo your space and give everything in your home a place. This way, you’re not coming home to the feeling of another task or project…but to a perfectly put-together home where everything works. One less thing to worry about means more time to enjoy the season! You’re welcome.

Create Special Areas

You know that instant calm feeling you get when you’re signing into your favourite spa for the afternoon? Or the happiness that sets in when you pull up to that boutique hotel for a quick weekend getaway with your partner? Ahhhh… I believe that coming home should feel like that too!

Consider creating a space in your home designed specifically to prioritize relaxation. Maybe it’s a spa-like bathroom complete with soothing colours, luxurious towels, touchably soft robes, and scented candles. Or perhaps you would prefer a cozy reading nook with a chaise lounge, a pretty side table and a plush blanket. Whatever it is, create your happy place, one that brings contentment to the beginning or end of any day.

Shop My Favourite Gifts


Self-Care Inspired Gifts

Now that you have a few simple ways to bring a sense of calm into your home, you’ll want the essentials to go along with it. Whether you’re looking for something special for you (that’s allowed…and highly encouraged!) or gift ideas for a friend or family member, here are my favourite products for self-care that’ll make you feel like a million bucks…

1/ Senreve Handbag

It feels good to look good, am I right? Not only are these bags beautiful, but they boast a special and unique style that you won’t see on everyone else. Handmade in Italy, the texture and craftsmanship of these leather stunners are incredible. With neutral styles and several ways to wear them, the possibilities are endless.  I recently treated myself to the Aria Belt Bag as an early birthday gift and wear it every day. I love that it’s so versatile, I can wear it as a belt bag, crossbody, or even carry it as a clutch on date nights.   

2/ Five-Minute Journal 

How much happier would you be if you spent time each morning focusing on the things you’re thankful for? I believe in the power of positive thoughts and appreciation, and this journal provides the ability to focus on just that. By creating a lovely little ritual each morning and evening to keep you thinking happy thoughts and seeing the bright side of life, you’re sure to boost your overall mood in no time.  Talk about giving the gift of joy this holiday season!

3/ Olive & June Manicure System 

When the world shut down, I embarked on the daunting task of doing my own manicures. Then, I found Olive & June and quickly realized it was the best manicure ever!  You don’t have to make an appointment, find parking, trek through the snow, or wear a mask to get your nails done. Not only does the polish last longer, but I get tons of compliments on the colours!

In fact, doing my own nails has become a fun addition to my weekly routine. Each Sunday night, after putting my son to bed, I make myself a cup of tea and enjoy an at-home manicure while watching Netflix or catching up with a friend on the phone. It’s safe to say I won’t be returning to the salon anytime soon.

4/ Birdies

Birdies shoes look and feel so amazing that I have a pair to wear around the house like slippers! By combining effortless style, needed support, and soft comfort, I’m convinced this is the perfect shoe (or slipper). Slip them on and you have instantly elevated those comfy-cozy, around-the-house outfits. What’s not to love?  

5/ Masterclass 

Netflix is great, but learning new things from amazingly talented people is way more exciting and inspiring, don’t you think? With Masterclass, you can take time to learn how to cook from Gordon Ramsey, let Bobbi Brown teach you the correct way to apply your makeup, or get Kelly Wearstler’s best interior design tips…all while pampering yourself with an Olive and June mani. I’m so in!  

My advice?

As we transition into a busier holiday season, there is nothing wrong with enjoying and wanting to hold tight to the calm we’ve all adjusted to in the last year. It’s important to remember to find the right balance and create space for stillness during hectic days.

If you need assistance transforming your home into a more relaxing and enjoyable space, reach out to me here, I would love to help you.  In the meantime, make sure to treat yourself this season – Whether it be a delicious home-baked dessert, a long bath, or a simple at-home manicure…you deserve it! 

Wishing you your happiest and most relaxing holiday yet!




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