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At the start of each year, the world of interior design introduces a list of trends, each vying for a place in our homes. However, amidst the excitement of the latest fads, I think it’s actually more important to remember that your home is a personal haven. I don’t think we should follow trends, and I think we should live with what we love. If there are trends that you’re excited to try, then go for it; I usually recommend adding them in small doses so that your home remains timeless. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the interior design trends of 2024 that I’m drawn to because they can all be introduced in a way that stands the test of time.

bathroom interior designed with oak wood vanity, nickel gap wall detail, gold plumbing fixtures and decorative sconces

Colour: Rich Earth Tones

The colour palette of 2024 is an ode to the earth, featuring an array of rich earth tones. From deep browns to earthy greens and greyish blues, these hues bring nature indoors. While these colours are on trend this year, integrating them into your living spaces creates a timeless ambiance that fosters comfort and tranquillity. The timeless quality of earthy colours serves as a reminder that, amid the ebb and flow of trends, a connection to nature is always a good choice.

Texture: The Look & Feel of Luxury

In 2024, texture takes center stage while recognizing the importance of engaging the senses on multiple levels. This trend integrates rich textures such as bouclé, wicker, and even highly textured tile and wall details. This trend celebrates tactility and gives the eye a lot to look at. By incorporating various textures—be it the soft embrace of bouclé or the organic authenticity of natural wicker—you not only enhance the visual appeal of your home but also create a multi-sensory experience that we’re sure to love forever.

Natural Wood: Organic Beauty

The enduring allure of natural wood continues in 2024, further reinforcing the idea that timeless materials stand firm against the coming and going of trends. Whether through natural hardwood floors, classic wood furniture, or unique wooden accents, this trend emphasizes the beauty and warmth of organic materials. Incorporating natural wood into your design adds warmth and character and ensures your home maintains a classic and authentic vibe.


As you navigate the interior design trends of 2024, remember that while trends may come and go, the enduring appeal of a well-curated home reflects your personal style and values. Pick only the trends you love, and by thoughtfully blending these timeless elements like earthy colours, natural wood, and texture into your space, you can create a home that embraces current trends and stands the test of time. After all, the most enduring trend, in my opinion, is the one that brings joy and comfort to your home, year after year.



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