Easy & Beautiful Summer Entertaining Ideas


Gosh, I love summertime, don’t you? When it comes to entertaining at home, I’m all for an informal setting that feels inspiring and relaxing – It sets a “kick back, relax, don’t take yourself too seriously” kind of vibe!

If easy summertime entertaining is on your calendar, look to crisp palettes, cozy textures, and comfy seating to enjoy the pleasures of playing hostess and gathering friends and family. Whatever your party personality is, the perfect setting will elevate the look of your home and up the ante of the overall experience.

These fun, simple-to-implement tips are a surefire way to set the scene for entertaining and making guests feel welcome and at ease. Go ahead and get inspired – it’ll be a great starting point for any summer gatherings you’re planning.

table top with floral arrangement, peach coloured cocktail with lime floating inside, and white plates with gold cutlery next to them

Use soft hues

Joyful summer décor doesn’t have to be intensely bold and vibrant. I recommend leaning toward a soft and delicate combination. Think subtle hues, soothing neutrals, and soft pops of colour. The idea is to invite a light and airy feel. 

The tiniest tweaks, such as swapping in lightweight cushions, incorporating breezy textures, placing decorative vases with the season’s blooms, or introducing a flat-weave statement rug, can instantly make your home feel fresh. 

A softer colour palette is an approach that’s endlessly stylish and versatile. And when it’s time to entertain, the soothing hues wonderfully play up gorgeous white dishware and clear glassware flecked with a touch of gold. 

Accessorize with beautiful blooms 

As simple as it may seem, touches of flowers here and there will keep your home fresh, fun, and exciting for summer entertaining. A mix of white and green Hydrangeas are my favourite blooms. Depending on what’s in season and the vibe you’re going for, any combination of flowers that complement each other will undoubtedly look spectacular. 

Don’t shy away from keeping to smaller blooms too. Lately, I have been loving small vases graced by just a few flowers to create a subtle yet gorgeous accent. I enjoy the simplicity; they add a pop of colour and texture to any space.  

Create a bar cart display

Delightful summer entertaining can be enjoyed sipping delicious drinks, so a bar cart in the space you happen to be hosting is a welcome addition. You can have lots of fun creating a fabulous and elevated display. 

Weave in essential glassware and all the makings of ready-to-drink cocktails, wines, and spirits to set the right mood for guests. Touches like a pretty vase of flowers and a bowl of citrus that would be used for garnish can amp up the style. 

With tons of serving cart designs, from minimalist and glamour to rustic and industrial, finding one that serves serious style and complements your living space décor shouldn’t be to challenging.  

Prep the patio 

The kitchen is the heart of the home, but when summertime entertaining rolls around, living life outdoors is a must, don’t you agree? If you’re lucky enough to have a nice backyard, hosting those you love becomes easy and breezy. 

To pull off a cozy patio setting, I like to go for decor, furniture, and lighting that coordinate with the colours, textures, and styles inside. This way, the scene looks pulled together because of the almost seamless indoor-outdoor transition. 

Different furniture styles, such as sofas, ottomans, and accent chairs, create a distinctive and personality-packed setting. Incorporating a durable area rug and plush outdoor cushions help to complete the look with an extra layer of detail. 

For dining spaces, you can treat the area as you would for any special event. Dress the table, layer the chairs with throw blankets, and add some candles for some extra sparkle.  

 We Can Help You

Whether hosting a fancy wine night, a casual al fresco barbecue, or an exciting garden party, summer entertaining is always a fantastic idea. If your home is not quite party-ready, we’d love to help – Book a complimentary call today!

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