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Our earth is a magnificent place and it deserves to be well cared for and preserved. Sadly, with excessive waste, plastic consumption, and toxic chemical pollution, humanity has done more harm than good in ways of conservation. Thankfully, there has been a significant movement in the last several years and an overall sense of urgency to create a healthier tomorrow.

So, where is the best place to start? You guessed it – Within our own homes! By being conscientious about reducing our carbon footprint in our daily lives, we will help our beautiful planet and lay the foundation for our children to experience a better future. I’d say that’s enough motivation for change, don’t you agree?

You may be thinking, “But Staci, not everyone can install solar panels and Energy Star appliances”. And you’re right. The good news? I feel you don’t need those things to make a significant impact. I think it’s often the minor changes made by everyone that can add up to the biggest difference.

In celebration of Earth Day later this month (April 22nd!), I’m going room by room and sharing practical and simple ways to reduce waste and create an earth-friendly home. These tips are so easy, you’ll be able to start today!

In the Kitchen

There’s no better place to begin than in the heart of the home. Plastic containers, saran wrap, aluminum foil, wasted food, and uneaten left-overs…the kitchen can often be the worst offender for producing waste. However, there are many sustainable and earth-friendly ways to clean up our act…

  • Trade your saran wrap and aluminum foil for beeswax wraps. They’re reusable, compostable, and made of all-natural ingredients.  I got mine from here
  • Rather than single-use paper towels, clean up spills with “un-paper” towels. Protect the environment with washable and reusable paper towels made from sustainable fabric. Bonus? Make a statement with material that matches your home’s aesthetic.  I got mine from here
  • Instead of purchasing plastic water bottles, invest in an earth-friendly water bottle for each household member. This is an obvious but essential change to reduce the amount of waste in our oceans.
  • We’re all guilty of succumbing to the convenience of using paper plates, especially for takeout and entertaining. Resist the urge and use normal, washable dishware for takeout meals and even special occasions. You can rent dishes, glasses, and cutlery from party supply places and the best part is that they take them back dirty and wash them for you.  
  • Looking for an easy way to dispose of uneaten leftovers? Consider starting a compost bin. Not only will this reduce the amount of waste in a landfill, but it will add nutrients to your soil and benefit organisms like earthworms, needed for a healthy and happy garden.  Or even better, do what I did and invest in a Lomi Kitchen Composter – I love mine!

Minor changes within the kitchen alone will produce a significant impact on the future of our planet. The best part? Many of the solutions mentioned above are budget-friendly, saving both you and the earth in the long run..

In the Bathroom

Whether brushing our teeth, washing our hair, or maintaining our self-care rituals, our bathroom is central to our daily routine. Take a moment to think about your products. Are they packaged in plastic containers? If so, there’s a better way…

  • If you haven’t already, ditch the plastic shower puffs. Not only do they harbour germs and bacteria, but they contribute to unnecessary waste in our oceans. No, thank you. Try a cotton facecloth instead.
  • Instead of single-use bottles for soap, make the switch to using a clean, zero-waste bar soap or a refillable container.  I like this body soap a lot and use this handsoap to refill my glass bottles.
  • Opt for reusable q-tips and cotton rounds to remove makeup and keep up with your refreshing self-care rituals. Last Object is a great company to look at for these items. 
  • In our home, we love the sustainability of Quip Toothbrushes, plus they look great. Rather than getting new batteries each time, we think long-term and utilize rechargeable batteries.
  • Choose responsibly sourced, recycled toilet paper wrapped in paper rather than plastic. I purchase mine from Who Gives A Crap – Such a great company, plus Spencer loves using the box and colourful paper for crafts. Win, win!

Are you surprised by how many bathroom products are designed for single-use? By avoiding this trend and opting for the simple solutions above, you can feel confident that you’re creating an earth-friendly home that’s still luxurious (if not more).

For Your Lifestyle

Cleaning, shopping, and celebrating are all a part of life…and some are better than others. Whether it’s maintaining your closet, making weekly grocery trips, or decorating for your little one’s birthday, there are many opportunities to go green. Here are a few of my faves…

  • If you’re anything like me, you have some cute reusable bags for grocery trips that hang neatly hanging in your pantry and never make it to the store. Guilty! My best tip? Leave a few in your car or folded tidy in your purse.
  • When it comes to cleaning your home, select natural products in refillable glass bottles. I love this all-purpose cleaner
  • Don’t forget your laundry routine! Say goodbye to giant, single-use plastic jugs and happily welcome toxin-free cleaning solutions, better for both humans and the oceans. These laundry strips are amazing, I’m so happy I made the switch!
  • Decorating for birthdays is a necessary (and exciting) part of life. Instead of going the traditional route with balloons and streamers, use items like these honeycomb balls made of recyclable paper (I reuse mine year after year) and these reusable banners.
  • Reduce waste in your closet by focusing on fewer, high-quality items that will endure long-term use.  I also try to invest in natural materials that are free from plastics whenever possible.  I love browsing here – They have a beautiful collection of classic pieces.  
  • And of course, my favourite earth-friendly solution is to fill your home and backyard with plants and grow your own veggies and herbs.  

There are sooo many benefits to creating an eco-friendly home. Whether it’s investing in some reusable items, a lush vegetable garden in your backyard, or simply selecting toxic-free products, you (along with the planet) will reap lasting rewards. I promise.  I think about making lasting changes more and more now that I have Spencer, so thanks for reading.  🙂  

Let’s Work Together…

If you need assistance transforming your whole home into a functional and practical space that beautifully honours our planet, reach out here. I’d love to support you in your goals and create a lovely home designed especially for you!



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