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I recently reached out to my friends (because I’m not a fan of the word “followers”) on Instagram and asked about what they were struggling with while decorating their homes because I wanted some ideas about what to post here on my blog. One question I received a few times was how many and what size decorative pillows to use around the house, so today I’m sharing how I use decorative pillows at home and in my interior design projects for clients. 

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Decorative Pillows For A Sofa

For a sofa, I usually recommend having four pillows: Two layered in each corner. As far as size goes, if you have a large sofa, then a 22″×22″ and a 20″×20″ for each corner works well. If your sofa is on the smaller side, I’d suggest a 20″×20″ and an 18″×18″ for each corner.

Decorative Pillows For A Love Seat

For a love seat, I usually recommend having three pillows: Two layered in one corner and then one in the other corner. As far as size goes, if you have a large love seat, then a 22″×22″ and a 20″×20″ for the one corner works well. If your love seat is on the smaller side, I’d suggest a 20″×20″ and an 18″×18″ for the one corner. On the opposite side, you can do a large lumbar at around 18″×26″.

Decorative Pillows For A Chair

It’s always nice to have a pillow on a chair, not just for a little extra comfort, but also a great way to add a bit of colour or pattern. Typically I use a 20″x20″ or an 18″×18″ if the chair is on the smaller side. If you have a lot of furniture in your space, consider layering a throw blanket on the chair’s back instead. A throw blanket will give you that lovely layered look without being too pillow-heavy.  

Decorative Pillows For A Bed

I hate having to spend too much time taking pillows off my bed at night to sleep and then putting them back on in the morning as I make my bed, I’m sure you can relate. My solution to this is to have the following: Euro pillows lined across the back (two for a queen bed or three for a king) which are 26×26, then the pillows you use to sleep on (in nice sheets, of course) layered in front of those, and then one long lumbar across the front (36″ wide for a queen or 48″ wide for a king and 18″ high). This allows for a beautiful layered look, and if you’re not tall, you can leave your euro pillows on your bed while you sleep, so that your pillows are not too high maintenance.  

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