3 Easy Ways To Refresh Your Home This Weekend


We’re all spending more time at home these days, and I know we’re all looking for ways to refresh our interiors. This week I thought I would share a few easy ways to update your home this weekend while still practicing social distancing. I’ve done all of these things in my home over the past couple of weeks and it’s really helped my home to feel happier!

corner of a fresh and updated living room with a large window, white drapery, and a green leafy fiddle leaf fig tree in a basket

Shop Your House

Mixing things up within your home can bring new life to the space.  Try bringing your lamps from the bedroom into the living room, or a rug from your bedroom into the basement family room.  If you love what you have but are bored, mixing up the location is a great way to update your home.  Another tip is to update the family photos around your home – We often put photos in a frame and then forget about them, but getting a glimpse of a fun recent vacation can be a nice treat. I love THESE frames in case you’re looking for new ones.

Edit Your Things

Quite often over the years, people tend to adopt too many things.  If you take a look around your home and see that there are either too many things or simply things that you don’t love anymore, spend some time editing.  Look at each item and be sure to keep only what you really love or find useful. If you don’t need it or love it, it’s just clutter and simply eliminating clutter will help your home to feel refreshed. If you’re looking to step up your organizing game I suggest getting THIS BOOK – It’s one of my faves, it’s beautiful, and has some great ideas.

Add Some Layers

It doesn’t take much to make a space feel nicely layered.  Try adding things like area rugs, throw blankets and decorative pillows to update your room.  Plants and flowers are also a great addition to any room because they add a bit of colour, texture, and life.  Artwork is a great addition too, I purchased THIS piece for my dining room last weekend and cannot wait for it to arrive.

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